COLUMBIA, MD – August 6, 2012 – All Hands Consulting (AHC), a leading provider of emergency management consulting services, has completed several projects recently as part of a busy 2012.  The balance of 2012 has many exciting projects on the books.

Despite the sluggish economy, the business of preparing for emergencies goes on. So far, 2012 has been an exciting year of steady work for AHC. All Hands consultants kept busy working with many returning clients and a few new clients. Our client list has grown to over 150 while our team of consultants has climbed well past the 1,100 mark.

We successfully built several large teams of very qualified consultants to staff national exercise and planning programs as well as response teams who are standing by to respond to catastrophic disasters. This includes a cadre of disaster responders for support to FEMA’s Individual Assistance Technical Assistance program and other federal, state, and local deployment contracts for Incident Management Teams and surge capacity for training and exercise deliveries.

Most of our efforts continue to support local emergency management officials. AHC supported planning, training and exercise (PT&E) projects across the USA, from tabletop to functional, to full scale exercises. In addition to local emergency managers, we have supported exercises at transit agencies and airports. We also provided supplemental staffing support to large firms in a variety of PT&E efforts.

We have been working for two new clients who represents our ninth and tenth Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) regions where we have been providing emergency management planning and strategic planning including a Comprehensive Emergency Operations Plan, a Threat and Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (THIRA) and a Planning, Training and Exercise Plan (PT&EP), as well as a variety of other services including Field Operating Guides, Special Event Plans, and Tactical Response Plans.

Our work included projects from Florida to Washington, from Louisiana to Minnesota, and from Arizona to New York. We helped with comprehensive emergency management plans (CEMPs), and developed operational procedures, guidebooks and playbooks.  We conducted multiple organizational and capabilities assessments and workshops.

We continue to support the NY-NJ-CT-PA Regional Catastrophic Planning Team with a third project; one which paves to way to establish a large Joint Field Office in the wake of a catastrophic event.  We also helped design Emergency Operation Centers (EOCs) in Georgia and Florida. We continue to do a lot of work in Florida, and have continued to support local jurisdictions with planning and exercises.

In May, we attended the annual National homeland Security Conference (this is the former UASI Conference that we supported for seven years). This year we were not organizers, but our President Steve Davis attended and presented three sessions. These included the THIRA work in Arizona (see presentation) and the JFO Project (see presentation).

In addition, AHC supported several Continuity Plan projects for federal and private sector organizations.

Social Media

We continue to be active in social media, and shifted from our long term work to establish an on-line toolbox for emergency managers to being more of a participant in the grand discussion taking place via social media.  We took down the All Hands Community website ( and redirected our efforts to 2.0 communications channels such as TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn and we continue to blog about emergency management and the Urban Areas Security Initiative.  Our long term efforts to communicate with our community by e-mail continue.  For instance, our “Emergency Management Discussion” group has hosted over 20,000 messages.

Our websites continue to lead the way in information sharing as evidenced by a total of over eight million hits this year across the enterprise of All Hands web sites.

A Look Ahead

As we move towards the last quarter of 2012, the future appears to be promising with current and new projects on the schedule. We will continue to do municipal and county CEMPs in Florida, Louisiana, and Wisconsin and elsewhere as well as designing and conducting exercises in Montana while we complete a federal COOP project in South Carolina.  Our on-going work in Arizona, New York, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Montana, Louisiana, and Florida should also continue into the future.  We plan to support other firms with various emergency management consulting and training projects.  In addition, we are currently working on several opportunities  to do Emergency Operations Center design, operational planning, training and exercise work.

For more information contact:

Steve Davis, President
All Hands Consulting
Telephone: 410.730.5677