All Hands Consulting Addresses Homeland Security

February 15, 2002 — All Hands Emergency Management Consulting Addresses Homeland Security

The terms “Homeland Security” and “Homeland Defense” have received increased attention since the tragic events of September 11, 2001. While these terms are relatively new, the concepts behind them are not.

Homeland Security addresses the deterrence, prevention, and defense against aggression targeted at U.S. and the management of the consequences of such aggression and other domestic emergencies.

All Hands members have been providing Homeland Security and Homeland Defense services for decades. Formerly called “Civil Defense”, and now, Comprehensive Emergency Management, Homeland Defense and terrorism preparedness are included in an “All-Hazards Comprehensive Emergency Management Program (CEMP).” All Hands believes that Homeland Defense should be included in a CEMP rather than developed as a separate program.

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