All Hands Consulting Reports Record Growth

All Hands Emergency Management Consulting and Training Services Grows to 150 Members

February 18, 2002 — All Hands Emergency Management Consulting reached 150 members today. Only eleven months after its creation, All Hands Consulting has grown to represent over 150 consultants who provide emergency management, safety, disaster recovery, and business continuity services worldwide. Member firms must meet high standards to ensure excellence in service delivery. The extensive network of All Hands Consultants provides the ultimate in flexibility and allows All Hands to respond to virtually any client requirement.

All Hands professionals are recognized leaders in Comprehensive Emergency Management Program planning and support, with a history of innovative, cost effective, real-time solutions tailored to meet the complex challenges confronting their clients.

A Comprehensive Emergency Management Program (CEMP) addresses the full spectrum of elements that threaten a business or community. All Hands provides an integrated approach to the management of emergency programs and activities for all four emergency phases (mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery), for all types of emergencies and hazards (natural, manmade, and attack).

Comprehensive Emergency Management Programs must encompass a number of specific planning areas. These include:

  • disaster planning and preparedness
  • hazard identification
  • threat assessments
  • mitigation planning
  • terrorism planning
  • emergency response teams (ERT)
  • emergency operations centers (command centers)
  • crisis management
  • business continuity
  • disaster recovery
  • business resumption
  • continuity of operations (COOP)
  • search and rescue
  • occupational safety and first aid
  • occupant evacuation planning
  • reputation management
  • training and exercises

All Hands provides all of these services. Please see our services page or contact us for more information.

“All Hands” is a term that is commonly used in the Navy and the fire service when all available help is needed. All Hands works the same way, bringing all available help to bear on any issue.