All Hands Dot Net Launched

All Hands Consulting New Virtual Community for Emergency Managers

September 18, 2002 — All-Hands Dot Net (, a new concept in virtual communities officially launched today. is an experiment in professional collaboration. The new site is designed as a web-based community for emergency management and continuity professionals. The new virtual community will be a fully interactive and user-supported community portal where information sharing will be both easy and open. Registered users will be able to post articles and add content to the various sections of the site. In addition, users can add files and links themselves.

The possibilities are endless. Users will be able to share information like plans, templates, papers, presentations, and other files. Authors can post articles and members can comment or ask questions. The key to the community site is that all of the content comes from the users. Users have the ability to add articles, add links, chat, and send private messages.

Use of the new site is free — is non-commercial and operating as a totally free and open place to exchange information and ideas. This new site is an extension of the All Hands Consulting networking concept of everyone working together. Emergency managers and business continuity professionals will be able to network with others in the field and everyone will have the opportunity to participate in information sharing and networking.

We believe that it is acceptable for businesses to participate in the forum as long as the site is not used for overt advertisements. We want everyone to be able to work together in an environment free of competition or sales pitches. However, whether you are a consumer or a vendor, you will be able to benefit from association with other professionals in a friendly environment. This will be a place where those in need can find talent to meet their business needs. This networking will be done outside of the formal All Hands business model and is be similar to meeting someone at a conference and striking up a business or personal relationship.

About All Hands. All Hands is a unique consortium of emergency management firms working together to provide an outsourcing resource for both public and private sector organizations. The extensive network of All Hands emergency management professionals allows them to respond to any client requirement. Service areas include: emergency management consulting and training services, mitigation planning, terrorism planning, threat assessments, search and rescue training, and command center operations and training. All Hands professionals are recognized leaders in Emergency and Crisis Management, with a history of innovative, cost effective, real-time solutions tailored to meet the complex challenges confronting our clients.

“All Hands” is a term that is commonly used in the Navy and the Fire Service when all available help is needed. All Hands works the same way, binging all available help to bear on any issue.

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