Many crisis events precipitate a daunting range of people-related needs – from access to medical treatment to community evacuation to employee relations impacts. One thing is sure – just as effective response to the business impacts of crisis events requires preparation and planning, so too does effective response to the many human needs stemming from corporate or organizational crises of all kinds.

All Hands Consulting can help your company or organization design, develop, and implement a comprehensive Humanitarian Assistance Program that will enable you to effectively meet the full range of human needs stemming from any crisis or emergency your business might encounter. Our Humanitarian Assistance Programs incorporate all prospective departments (such as Human Resources and Employee

Relations) and organizational levels (from field-level to Boardroom) necessary to mount an effective Humanitarian Assistance crisis response. All relevant categories of Humanitarian Assistance are included, such as:

  • Casualty Assistance
  • Personnel Accounting and Tracking
  • Casualty and/or Death Notification
  • Community Evacuation
  • Psychological Support Services
  • Family Support Services
  • Employee Relations Plans
  • Community Relations and Restitution Programs
  • Business Interruption and Resumption Plans

All critical Crisis and Emergency Management modalities are represented in our Humanitarian Assistance Programs, including planning, implementation and training, validation, and program maintenance. A cornerstone of our Humanitarian Assistance Program development technology is the provision of unique training programs presented by professionals possessing specialized expertise — such as psychological, medical, or cross-cultural knowledge and experience.

  • Development of a Humanitarian Assistance Program will realize the following benefits on behalf of your company or organization:

    • A systematic assessment of your company’s people-related threats and vulnerabilities – resulting in a tailored corporate or organization-specific Humanitarian Assistance Program Threat and Vulnerability Assessment
    • Review of exiting Humanitarian Assistance Program-related corporate policies and procedures
    • Development of a comprehensive Humanitarian Assistance Program detailing optimal response procedures to identified threats
    • Implementation of the resulting Humanitarian Assistance Program, including formation of dedicated response teams and provision of requisite training components
    • Ongoing monitoring and revision of your company’s new Humanitarian Assistance Program on an ongoing basis