All Hands Continues to Grow

All Hands Consulting New Year’s Report

December 27, 2005 – All Hands Consulting, Part of the All Hands Network (, prepares to begin another new year for the new concept in emergency management collaboration.

All Hands began in early 2000 as an experiment in professional collaboration. Combining a virtual, web-based, community of emergency management and continuity professionals with a team of emergency management and business continuity consultants, All Hands has been very successful and has achieved tremendous growth during the last year.

The virtual community at All-Hands.Net now consists of well over 5,100 registered users who are able to share information such as plans, templates, papers, presentations, and other files. Authors can post articles and members can comment or ask questions. To date, 2,412 articles and 539 downloads have been published on the site. The key to the community is that all of the content comes from the users. Users have the ability to add articles, add links, chat, and send private messages.

All Hands Consulting is a consortium of emergency management, homeland security, and business continuity consultants working together to provide an outsourcing resource for both public and private sector organizations. The extensive network of All Hands professionals has grown to over 500 members allowing this unique organization to respond to any client requirement. Service areas include: emergency management consulting and training services, mitigation planning, terrorism planning, threat assessments, search and rescue training, and command center operations and training. All Hands professionals are recognized leaders in Emergency Management, Business Continuity, and Homeland Security with a history of successful projects.

All Hands Consulting was recently awarded a two-year contract to continue to support the Miami Urban Area Security Initiative. All Hands has been supporting this initiative since its inception in 2003 with project management, meeting facilitation, planning, training, and exercises. All Hands supports an impressive list of clients of various sizes and industries, in both the private and public sector, with emergency management and business continuity services.

“All Hands” is a term that is commonly used in the Navy and the Fire Service when all available help is needed. All Hands works the same way, bringing all available help to bear on any issue.

Contact Information:

Steve Davis, President

All Hands Network
Telephone: 410.730.5677
Fax: 410.730.7628