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First Aid / EMS / Survival

Whether one is planning for an afternoon or multi-day adventure or is the victim of an in-town disaster, wilderness first aid and prolonged care skills are extremely useful and may indeed save lives.

We also offer a variety of survival programs that foster a “staying safe, but know what to do if disaster strikes”, mind- and skill-set.

Land Navigation

Set in a nearby park or some of the nation’s most interesting backcountry, our one-half to four-day programs provide an excellent opportunity to learn, hone, or self-evaluate one’s practical navigational skills and insights.

Survival Education

Our one-day program focuses upon those skills and insights that one should have regarding: attitude and overall approach; shelter; fire building; rest; signaling; rest; water; and food. Approximately half the day is spent in the field actually practicing these elements. Also covered is: gear selection; how to best avoid problems; and what sort of rescue response you might expect, should disaster strike. Our two-day program includes all of our one-day program elements plus expands your comfort zone by offering a night out in a survival shelter and “field cooking.” The course also includes additional tips and techniques as well as advice on how to assume a leadership role and help others in a survival situation.

How to Search

This “How to Search” Self-Teaching PowerPoint Series was made possible by a gift to the Centre for Search Research (CSR) from the estate of Frank Parker made this “how to search” series of self-teaching modules possible. Additionally, the estate provided funding for the SAR Alliance website. The mission of the SAR Alliance is to foster the free exchange of SAR information and innovations. The word “free” is also inherent in the mission statement. These self-teaching modules and all information provided by the SAR Alliance is free. The free exchange and use is encouraged.

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