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All Hands has a long history of developing and providing training curricula.  All Hands Strategic Advisor Rick LaValla is a leader in the Emergency Management training field and has written, coauthored, and edited over 30 training manuals and books covering a full spectrum of subjects in emergency management, disaster planning, and emergency response.  All Hands Principals include nationally recognized curricula developers. Our team can provide specialized personnel and subject matter experts to design, develop and execute technical and operational training.

We have been providing training on the Incident Command System and various FEMA-approved courses for decades.

AHC – Conducting Hazardous Materials Training Exercise
AHC – Conducting Hazardous Materials Training Exercise


All Hands provides consulting services to review and make recommendations on competency-based training and education curricula; goals, scope and frequency of instruction; record keeping; regulatory and program requirements. We have developed various forms of incident management and other training to include developing curricula elements, programs of instruction, and training materials. We also conduct assessments of existing curricula documents and develop and identify elements based on requirements.

Compliance Review

All Hands will review  competency based curricula requirements; industry best practices and codes of practice; and assure that all work products are in compliance. Options for compliance will be developed if warranted. The review of compliance includes: competency based curricula requirements, NFPA 1660 and EMAP standards.

Our catalog of training courses include:

Active Shooter Training

We take a comprehensive and customized approach to active shooter training and will incorporate active shooter planning into your Emergency Action Plan (EAP). We typically take the following approach to helping a client prepare for the active shooter threat.

Emergency Operation Center Training and Exercises

All Hands Emergency Management Consulting can design, facilitate and conduct any type of EOC training or exercises custom tailored to your organization. We have extensive experience in developing customized EOC training and in conducting exercises using the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) guidance.

Incident Command System (ICS) Training Courses
All Hands provides training at all levels of the Incident Command System (ICS) in accordance with FEMA guidelines and the National Incident Management System (NIMS). We can help your staff discover the need, purpose and benefits of implementing the ICS concepts in managing any type of emergency situation.

An Introduction to Community Emergency Management

An Eight-Hour Managing Emergency Operations “Short Course.” A Training Program For Public Officials, Private and Public Agencies, And Emergency/Disaster Workers. Attendees will learn “how they fit in” to a jurisdiction’s disaster/emergency management planning process, and “how they can make a difference” during emergency/disaster operations.

Disaster First Aid and Leadership

This program will prepare employees to survive and recover from natural and human caused disasters by giving them knowledge and skills in disaster first aid and safety as well as disaster leadership and teamwork. These tools will help enable course graduates to deal more effectively with injuries, illness and psychological reactions in environments where no professional assistance is available for extended periods of time (hours or days rather than the minutes normal in most non-disaster, urban settings in the US. today).

Leadership and Team Building

Organizational needs for employee training and development in leadership and team building are met by going to greater depth on the issues of leadership and team building in the context of our Disaster First Aid and Leadership training program.

Our certified and experienced organizational development specialists integrate 40 hours of theoretical and practical sessions to develop your employees’ leadership potential and teamwork skills within your emergency preparedness/response program.

Team Building

Set in the forest or a nearby park, our enjoyable one-day program provides an outstanding team-enhancing opportunity for organizations ranging from global companies to local fire/rescue departments.

The day starts with an introduction/review of essential wilderness navigation and safety skills followed by a series of progressive team navigation training sessions and challenges.

Interspersed among the land navigation segments are specific, shorter, team building hands-on problem solving exercises that meld problem solving, cooperation, and leadership in an enjoyable format.

By the end of the day, teams will have a better perspective on how to work together in order to deal more effectively with normal and novel situations, whether in a wooded setting or work environment.

Team Building – Human Factors

One of the most challenging aspects of any organization is getting all the people to be aware, prepared and trained to respond effectively during a crisis

All Hands can provide expert trainers who specialize in the human factors aspects of Business Continuity, Crisis, and Emergency Response Teams.

Team Engineering – High-Performance Principles for Crisis and Emergency Response Teams

Your Business Continuity and Emergency Plans are only as good as the teams who design and implement those plans. Your teams are only as good as the training they receive. In extreme situations, people either focus, fold or freeze. Team Engineering presents the principles and proven methodologies for creating optimal, high-performance and ‘world-class’ project teams.

Search & Rescue

All Hands provides a variety of Search & Rescue training classes.

Workplace Violence Training

Workplace violence is becoming an epidemic. Our program educates your personnel on the warning signs and strategies for dealing with workplace violence. Topics presented include:

Introduction: What is Workplace Violence, The Scope of the Problem, Factors Affecting Workplace Violence, Typical Perpetrator Profile, Special Risk Cases, Business Conditions Today, Overview of Prevention Strategies (Proactive), Overview of Threat/Incident Management, in addition to our custom fitted training programs, we offer assistance in establishing Threat of Violence (TOV) protocols, Zero Tolerance policies and supporting documentation.