We take a comprehensive and customized approach to active shooter training and will incorporate active shooter planning into your Emergency Action Plan (EAP). We typically take the following approach to helping a client prepare for the active shooter threat.

Site Survey

A site survey will be conducted by an Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT) certified Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events (CRASE) Instructor for the development of the customized training program to be delivered either in person or on-line. The method for performing the survey will include interviewing the current security supervisor or human resources administrator to review current procedures with respect to emergency events, lockdown, workplace violence, conflict resolution and de-escalation, procedures for personnel to evacuate the building during other emergency such as fire and/or weather.

There will be a quick review of any policies and procedure relating to the systems that are currently in place, perimeter security, access control, and numerous other physical security elements will be assessed and measured. Any exposures identified that are outside of the scope of responding to an active shooter event they will be reported to management and may be answered under separate agreement.

Employee Interviews

We know the safety and security of your employees is top priority. A safe environment is a much more productive environment. The instructor’s interviews will assist him/her in the development of the custom tailored training to give the employees a legitimate answer to the concerns they may have regarding what to do in an active shooter event. All interviews will be documented and supplied to management for review.

Management Consultation

This phase tries to resolve the concerns identified in the previous phase. Before any processes outside of the standard training program will be implemented to address the concerns a review with management and management approval will be received by the instructor. If management determines that the concern is not viable and no response or policy development is needed Trainer/Consultant will informed of the potential risk and will document the decision for management record. If the employee concerns are not addressed in the standard training program and management agrees the Trainer/Consultant will make the recommend changes and these changes will be adapted and applied to the Active Shooter Response training program and the Emergency Action Plan. The most important part of this consultation is to remember is it is always better to be proactive then reactive.

Customization of the Instructor Led Training Program

After the Instructor/Consultants does their site survey and employee interviews the team will produce a brief report of their findings. A meeting with management will be held that afternoon to discuss his/her the report and recommendations will be made on the correct approach respond to the clients unique environment and the best measures and training to implement in the event of an Active Shooter. Once management agrees to the elements to be implemented into the training program the Trainer/Consultant will make the necessary changes to the training program for delivery the next day.
Written Emergency Action Plan for Active Shooter Response

Based on the findings and agreed upon response measures and training program the Instructor/Consultant will rewrite the Emergency Action Plan section for Active Shooter Response for the NWA Emergency Action Plan. The Instructor/Consultant will provide to client within 10 days of the initial training to client.
Full Report for Management

Within ten business days a Summary Report will be provided by the Instructor/Consultant detailing the findings from the site survey, employee interviews, and student class surveys of Instructor Led Active Shooter Response Program. If further actions are deemed necessary we will continue to assist client in finding the best possible solution to address these issues.

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