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All Hands Consulting is a leader in disaster staffing. We have thousands of trained professionals that can respond to an incident or event for initial stabilization or through the long-haul of disaster recovery. We utilize best practice guidelines for credentialing staff such as the FEMA National Qualification System (NQS), American Red Cross Sheltering Training, and others. When you get an All Hands Consulting team deployed; you are truly getting the best to augment your capabilities.

  • Incident Management Teams
  • EOC Staff Augmentation
  • Shelter Staffing
  • Medical Special Needs Sheltering
  • Point of Distribution
  • Point of Dispensing
  • Logistics Staging Areas
  • Disaster Medical Assistance Teams
  • Public Assistance / Individual Assistance
  • Debris Monitoring

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the National Emergency Management Association (NEMA) collaborated to create an effective readiness and capability assessment system geared towards state and local emergency managers. This collaborative effort materialized as the Capability Assessment for Readiness (CAR). All Hands consultants developed this comprehensive process and tool, thereby offering their expertise through the "Capability Assessment for Readiness (CAR)" service, which aims to evaluate the operational capabilities of local government entities.

What sets this system apart is its distinctive focus on pinpointing deficiencies and serving as a foundation for corrective actions required to fortify local government emergency management programs. Unlike many other assessment systems, CAR is strategically designed to not only identify shortcomings but also to provide a basis for implementing corrective measures. The assessment results derived from this service are invaluable for local governments, aiding them in establishing priorities and conducting a detailed analysis of program performance. Ultimately, the goal is to enhance the overall quality of local government emergency management programs by addressing identified weaknesses and fostering continuous improvement.

AHC – Disaster Preparedness & Response
AHC – Disaster Preparedness & Response

Unlike many systems, it is designed to focus on the identification of deficiencies or a basis for corrective actions that need to be taken in order to strengthen local government emergency management programs. The assessment results will assist a local government in establishing priorities and analyzing program performance to improve the quality of local government emergency management programs.

All Hands Consulting provides various Corporate Preparedness Planning services that facilitate the development and delivery of comprehensive emergency management services. Using site data and graphics, information is made readily available to school, hospital, industry and government response officials to aid in making strategic and tactical decisions for real-time incidents such as a chemical release, a bomb threat, or intruder incident.

A standardized system and process to determine immediate disaster needs and extent or magnitude of a disaster. All Hands provides:

  • A plan, procedures and system design that will enable local authorities to implement a comprehensive rapid needs assessment and preliminary damage assessment (PDA) process that will meet local needs emergency response planning needs.
  • The PDA is required by state and federal agencies to request federal assistance.

“Recovery and Reconstruction” refers to actions taken by communities, businesses, and disaster victims, which enable them to begin the process of rebuilding their homes; replacing property; resuming employment; restoring their businesses; repairing, rebuilding, or relocating public infrastructure; and mitigating future disaster losses.

A “Disaster Recovery Plan” is designed to identify those actions that local agencies must take to support themselves, other agencies, and the public to coordinate emergency recovery activities at the conclusion of the response activities. The plan should provide emergency management personnel and others with operational guidance in order to effectively manage recovery activities in the aftermath of a disaster.

All Hands will develop a local recovery plan and/or a post-disaster long-term recovery plan consistent with FEMA’s National Disaster Recovery Framework and guidance.

The spectrum of crisis incidents and events often gives rise to an array of intricate people-related needs, spanning from urgent medical attention to community evacuations and the complex landscape of employee relations. One certainty emerges—just as a proficient response to the business impacts of crises demands meticulous preparation and planning, an equally strategic and well-thought-out approach is indispensable for addressing the myriad human needs that surface during corporate or organizational crises of any nature.

All Hands Consulting stands poised to assist your company or organization in crafting a tailored solution – a comprehensive Humanitarian Assistance Program designed to proficiently address the complete spectrum of human needs arising from any crisis or emergency your business may confront. Our expertise extends to the intricate orchestration of Humanitarian Assistance Programs, seamlessly integrating various departments such as Human Resources and Employee Relations.

These programs transcend conventional crisis response, encompassing a holistic strategy that not only attends to immediate and critical needs but also provides a framework for sustained support and recovery. In times of crisis, a well-designed Humanitarian Assistance Program becomes a lifeline, ensuring that your organization can respond with agility, empathy, and effectiveness to the multifaceted challenges faced by individuals and communities.

Our commitment is to empower your organization not only in weathering the business impacts of crises but also in fostering resilience and compassion in the face of human challenges. From initial design to seamless implementation, All Hands Consulting is your partner in fortifying your organization's capacity to respond comprehensively to the diverse human needs that may arise during times of crisis.