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Our comprehensive workplace violence and active shooter service are designed to help organizations mitigate the risk of workplace violence through proactive planning, employee training, and realistic exercises. We collaborate closely with your team to develop tailored strategies, provide relevant training, and conduct exercises that simulate potential scenarios, ensuring readiness to respond effectively to workplace violence incidents. Let us help craft your workplace violence plan or Emergency Action Plan.

Key Features:

  1. Risk Assessment and Planning:

    • Conduct a thorough assessment of your workplace to identify potential risk factors and vulnerabilities related to workplace violence.
    • Develop customized workplace violence prevention and response plans tailored to your organization's unique needs and operational environment.
  2. Employee Training Programs:

    • Offer engaging and interactive training sessions for employees at all levels, covering topics such as recognizing warning signs, de-escalation techniques, emergency response protocols, and post-incident support.
    • Provide specialized training for managers and supervisors on handling sensitive situations, implementing crisis management strategies, and supporting affected employees.
  3. Policy Development and Implementation:

    • Assist in the development and implementation of workplace violence prevention policies and procedures, including reporting mechanisms, threat assessment protocols, and disciplinary measures.
    • Ensure alignment with relevant regulatory requirements and best practices in the field of workplace safety and security.
  4. Tabletop Exercises and Drills:

    • Design and facilitate tabletop exercises and drills that simulate various workplace violence scenarios, allowing participants to practice response actions and decision-making in a controlled environment.
    • Incorporate realistic simulations, role-playing exercises, and debriefing sessions to enhance learning outcomes and organizational preparedness.
  5. Incident Response Support:

    • Provide on-site support and guidance in the event of a workplace violence incident, assisting with communication, coordination with law enforcement, and post-incident recovery efforts.
    • Offer post-incident debriefings and follow-up services to assess response effectiveness, identify lessons learned, and implement corrective actions as needed.


  • Enhanced Safety and Security: Our proactive approach helps organizations identify and address potential threats of workplace violence, fostering a safer and more secure work environment for employees.
  • Empowered Employees: Through targeted training and exercises, employees gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence to recognize warning signs, respond effectively to threats, and support one another during crisis situations.
  • Compliance and Liability Reduction: By implementing comprehensive workplace violence prevention measures, organizations demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements and reduce the risk of legal liability associated with incidents of violence.
  • Organizational Resilience: By practicing response protocols through realistic exercises, organizations build resilience and agility in their ability to manage and recover from workplace violence incidents, minimizing disruption to operations and preserving reputation.


  • Workplace violence prevention and response plans
  • Training materials and resources
  • Tabletop exercise scenarios and facilitation
  • Post-exercise reports and recommendations

Let us help you strengthen your organization's preparedness and response capabilities to mitigate the risk of workplace violence. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about our tailored services.

AHC – Business Continuity Plan Development
AHC – Business Continuity Plan Development

The BIA is typically conducted as part of our comprehensive business continuity service. A joint client and All Hands team will identify, review, evaluate and prioritize issues that pose potential crises and/or negative impact for the client’s business operations.

The joint team will also analyze the client’s current overall business continuity management planning efforts. The BIA is a diagnostic survey that consists of issue analyses, risk identification, and assessment of potential business impacts and crisis situations. The diagnostic survey assists us to determine the client current capabilities, level of training, and categorization of potential business disruption situations.

All Hands Consulting are experts at identifying interdependencies and program gaps. We can facilitate supply chain risk assessments and capabilities reviews to ensure that your organizational supply chain continues to operate an intended.

Contingency planning should be an integral part of your overall business continuity management process. Business Continuity and emergency planning requires a thorough review of your organization’s entire operation for safety and operational vulnerabilities. Following a business impact assessment (BIA) methodology, you should review essential operations as well as key suppliers, business, and data partners as well as infrastructure components that are deemed vital. Planning must include detailed contingency plans that will guide your organization in performing its critical functions during a disruption or disaster.

Plan Maintenance services help you maintain and update your plan as a living document. All Hands members are experienced in maintaining plans with or without software. We have consultants experienced in using various planning software tools.