The Business Impact Analysis is typically conducted as part of our comprehensive business continuity service. A joint client and All Hands team will identify, review, evaluate and prioritize issues that pose potential crises and/or negative impact for the client’s business operations.

The joint team will also analyze the client’s current overall business continuity management planning efforts. The BIA is a diagnostic survey that consists of issue analyses, risk identification, and assessment of potential business impacts and crisis situations. The diagnostic survey assists us to determine the client current capabilities, level of training, and categorization of potential business disruption situations.

  1. The review of current initiatives will include:
  2. Current Business Continuity Plan/Program Review
  3. Corporate Office Capabilities (Assignment of Responsibility)
  4. Identification of Resources (Internal, External)
  5. Categorization of Potential Issues, Threats, Risks, Business Impacts and Crisis Situations
  6. Crisis Communications Systems (including media & security)
  7. Current Level of Training
  8. Interface Mechanisms

Our approach generally will be to:

Interview Key Personnel: The personnel interviews will review business operations, current business continuity initiatives, general information on business continuity management and emergency preparedness, incident scenarios, policy, compliance initiatives, crisis media response, internal/external interfaces (infrastructures), business risks, strategic direction, documentation and training.

Review Current Written Business Continuity Plans and Materials: This review will consist of a comparison of the present Business Continuity Plan Manuals and Supporting Materials against applicable corporate policies, procedures and applicable requirements. Recommendations for improvements will be made as a part of this review.