All Hands Consulting provides various Corporate Preparedness Planning services that facilitate the development and delivery of comprehensive emergency management services. Using site data and graphics, information is made readily available to school, hospital, industry and government response officials to aid in making strategic and tactical decisions for real-time incidents such as a chemical release, a bomb threat, or intruder incident.

Facility Information: Working with facility staff, All Hands Consulting gathers detailed facility information. This information includes floor plans, numbered rooms, exits, access doors and hatches, escape routes, hazardous materials locations, utility shutoffs, area maps, HazMat standoff distances, rally points, medical locations, helicopter landing zones, press briefing locations, parent/guardian information locations, fire hydrants and storm drains, and digital imagery including exterior, roof, and interior rooms.

Action Steps: All Hands Consulting Emergency Reaction Steps are a comprehensive set of emergency procedures. These procedures, such as, shelter-in-place, lockdown and/or evacuation are implemented based upon the emergency. All Hands Consulting facilitates meetings to determine potential risks and then assists in developing specific reaction steps.

Program Benefits

I. Community Involvement

  1. Education:
  2. Fire
  3. EMS./Hospitals
  4. Police (city, county and state)

II. Complete Program

  1. Planning
  2. Training
  3. Responding

III. Program Implementation

  1. Security Survey/Threat Assessmenti. Review existing plans and policy
    ii. Review community response capabilities
    iii. Determine Potential Risks
    iv. Outline areas of concern proximate to school.
    v. Determine current deficiencies
  2. Data Gatheringi. Floor plans
    ii. Photographs
    iii. Existing procedures and plans
    iv. Site and Area Maps
    v. Aerial Imagery (Satellite/GIS)
  3. Meetingsi. Police
    ii. Fire
    iii. Hospitals / EMS
    iv. Facility Personnel
  4. Emergency Reaction Stepsi. Reaction Team(s)
    ii. Management
    iii. Staff
    iv. Building Engineers
    v. Others

IV. Easily Accessible:

  1. Secure Internet (optional)
  2. CD
  3. Paper
  4. Flexible Data formats (Word, html, etc.)

V. Facility information is easily updated.