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All Hands Consulting specializes in developing policies and procedures based on best practices for Incident Management and Emergency Operations Center requirements.

Design Response Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

  • Develop outlines for a department / agency response procedures. Encourage departments, agencies, organizations, to write Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
  • Develop a complete listing of all departments, agencies, organizations who have identified responsibilities in the basic plan and emergency support functions (annexes).
  • Include a sub listing of the responsibilities for each ¬†department, agency or organization.
  • Develop a format for SOPs.
  • Provide each department, agency, organization with their lists of responsibilities.
  • Ask each department, agency, organization to develop a SOP/checklist for each responsibility. (e.g. a list of action steps to be performed to ensure that the responsibility, if called upon, is carried out.)

Review Basic Plan, determine what other community functions require SOPs, such as EOC, Emergency Public Information, Emergency Finance, etc.

Implementation Options:

1. Provide a generic model and workshop. Each agency fills in the blanks at working session.

2. Send workbook to each agency, with instructions.