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Emergency Operation Center Services – Review

All Hands Emergency Management Consulting provides Emergency Operation Center (EOC) Review and EOC Vulnerability and Capability Assessment services. We will review your existing EOC and help you improve it both physically and operationally including development of your EOC organization, writing your Operations Manual, and developing Staff Action Guides for each EOC Position. We will also help you with training, software selection and EOC design services.

EOC Review Description

We will provide an analysis of the current facility using a comprehensive “best practices” evaluation tool that has been distilled from federal guidelines, FEMA’s capability assessment for readiness (CAR), relevant portions of the NFPA 1600 (emergency management standard), state-of-the-art technologies, and case studies. Existing equipment, space, layout, displays, staffing, procedures will be reviewed. We will provide a gap analysis and make recommendations for improvements.

The report will provide an analysis of the current facility based on federal guidelines. Existing equipment, space, layout, displays, staffing, procedures are reviewed and shortfalls and improvements needed are indicated. All Hands will develop a program profile describing the current status of the program. The report will identify program areas needing immediate development, updating, or improvement, and those elements to be accomplished during the strategic planning period.   Staff and budget requirements will also be indicated. The report will include a “work load analysis” and will document the current services and programs provided by the existing staff. The review report will be based on the following outline.

PART I – The Physical Facility

  • Location, Background / History.
  • External Structure.
  • Internal Structure.
  • Space Requirements for Personnel to Operate.
  • EOC Layout / Floor plan.
  • Use of EOC Space
  • Communications and Warning Equipment.
  • EOC Display Equipment.
  • Furnishings, Furniture, Office Equipment, Supplies.
  • Sanitary Facilities, Equipment, Supplies.
  • Food and Water Supply.
  • Kitchen Equipment, Supplies.
  • Sleeping Accommodations.
  • Medical Equipment, Supplies.
  • Janitorial Services, Supplies.
  • Maintenance and Spare Parts
  • Special Equipment, Clothing.
  • Ability to Deal with Future Technologies.
  • Alternate EOC

PART II- Managing EOC Operations

  • Defining EOC Functions.
  • EOC Organization Chart.
  • EOC Staffing. EOC Information Handling System, Procedures.
  • EOC Log and Record Keeping System.
  • Crisis Action Team / Duty Officer System.
  • EOC Demobilization / Deactivation.
  • EOC SOPs / Job Aids.
  • EOC Staff Action Guides.
  • EOC Data and Display.
  • EOC Training, Exercises, Drills.
  • EOC Resource Deployment and Monitoring.
  • Communications / Warning.
  • Budget, Operating Costs, Financial.
  • Equipment / Supplies Checklist.


All Hands staff will spend time on station reviewing the physical facility and interviewing emergency management staff.   We will then compile and analyze the interview data, and producing the program review report.

Sample EOC Review Questions

  1. What additions to the normal EOC staff should be made given the potentials?
  2. Should EOC staff be immunized in advance and periodically for anything?
  3. Should special arrangements be made to shower down and re-clothe anyone reporting for EOC duty after an event has taken place depending on the type of event?
  4. What rules should be in place for entering or leaving an EOC after an event?
  5. Should EOC occupants have periodic physical exams during their stay in the EOC?