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Transforming chaos into coordinated response, our Emergency Operations Center design solutions are the cornerstone of resilience. Seamlessly blending functionality with cutting-edge technology, we craft spaces that empower rapid decision-making and efficient resource deployment. Elevate your preparedness with our tailored designs, ensuring your organization stands ready to navigate any crisis with precision and confidence.

We will help you design an effective and efficient EOC from the ground up.

A properly designed EOC should serve as an effective and efficient facility for coordinating emergency response efforts. An EOC may serve a number of uses including operations, training, meetings and other uses. The EOC can optimize communication and coordination by effective information management and presentation.

All Hands will work with your organization to custom-tailor the design of your EOC. We will provide comprehensive guidance and recommendations on the development of EOC design and concept of operations, including effective space utilization and compatible multi-functional uses.

We can provide guidance and recommendations on all aspects of your EOC design, including recommendations involving electrical/data circuit layout, security considerations, lighting considerations, projection displays, visual aids, equipment, communication considerations, UPS/backup power considerations, and functional considerations with a view toward avoiding potential pitfalls in design, construction, and equipment functionality. This includes a review of architectural and engineering contract deliverables, including initial thru final design before acceptance by the jurisdiction. Follow-on review can be conducted including proposed amendments to ensure potential construction pitfalls are avoided.