Risk Assessment Services

All Hands offers a variety of risk assessment and analysis services to assist in determining your organization’s vulnerability to various risks. Using a thorough vulnerability analysis process, threat assessments, and periodic site reviews, All Hands is able to quantify vulnerabilities of your facilities, personnel, and operations. By partnering with All Hands, you reduce costs by putting our collective knowledge base and our expert team of emergency management experts to work for you.

Understanding Risk

Risk can be defined as a potential for loss.Risk Assessments are designed to establish baseline information regarding current and acceptable levels of risk for an organization, community, or the environment. A risk assessment is a process of identifying and minimizing the exposures to certain threats which an organization or community may experience.

Risk Assessment = Hazard Identification + Impact Analysis

All Hands performs hazard vulnerability analyses to identify hazards and to determine their frequencies, intensities, and potential impacts. We rate the impacts and develop a score that rates the organizations ability to carry out its mission in light of each hazard. This information is then used in the prioritization of preparedness and prevention steps.

All Hands Risk Assessment Services

All Hands Consulting can help you with your Risk Assessment Project by providing experienced team members in the following areas:

  • Risk Assessment – we will conduct an “all hazards” vulnerability assessment.
  • Site Surveys – we will conduct a thorough review of your site.
  • Threat Assessments – we will conduct assessments of a specific or generic risks.
  • Prevention – we will help you identify and reduce the risk of an incident occurring based on your vulnerability to hazards and the effectiveness of your current preparedness and hazard mitigation activities.
  • Mitigation – we will review your existing mitigation plan and help you improve it both physically and operationally.
  • Planning – we will help you develop necessary plans and procedures.
  • Training, Exercises and Drills – we will design, facilitate and conduct exercises and drills.

The guide/report produced by this project will:

  • Identify, categorize and subdivide the variety of risks that influence the comprehensive emergency planning process.
  • The program will be built on actual threats and capabilities rather than speculation. Capabilities, shortfalls, and recommendations are indicated.

The report/study produced by this project will:

  • Identify, categorize, and subdivide the variety of risks that influence the comprehensive emergency planning process.
  • Outline the step-by-step process (using easily filled out forms) used to develop the comprehensive risk / vulnerability analysis.
  • Indicate capabilities, shortfalls, and recommendations.
  • Provide a single, easy to follow consolidated risk assessment guide and workbook for local or state officials

Key Benefits

  • Can be, in part, the basis for developing comprehensive emergency management strategic work plans.
  • Response and recovery activities can be driven by the same assessment format and data categories.
  • Preparedness activities are more clearly defined.
  • Training and exercising efforts are maximized through accurate data analysis.
  • Capabilities, shortfalls, and recommendations are summarized.