First Aid, EMS, & Survival Among the Trees®

Whether one is planning for an afternoon or multi-day adventure or is the victim of an in-town disaster, wilderness first aid and prolonged care skills are extremely useful and may indeed save lives.

We also offer a variety of survival programs that foster a “staying safe, but know what to do if disaster strikes”, mind- and skill-set.

First Aid and Medical Programs

Basic Wilderness First Aid
Our two-day course covers what do to when medical response is delayed beyond two hours, regardless of the location. This course includes the National Safety Council and the Wilderness Medical Society’s Wilderness First Aid text. Those completing the program earn a Basic Wilderness First Aid Certificate.
This, like all our courses, is very much a hands-on program. (All our first aid programs also require standard first aid and CPR.)

Advanced Wilderness First Aid
Our advanced two-day program starts where our basic course finishes. Upon completing this program one should be able to assess and address most prolonged care situations and direct others toward this effort.

Medical Response Program
Our EMTs Among the Trees Seminar is aimed at EMT-B and above responders who seek additional relevant and insightful medical material in a small group and wooded setting. These seminars are normally recommended for CME hours by Washington State.

Other Special Courses and Workshops
Our specialized training for search and rescue, fire rescue, educators, trail crew leaders, camp counselors as well as custom training for individuals or teams needing enhanced response skills is also available.

Survival Programs

Basic Survival
Our one-day program focuses upon those skills and insights that one should have regarding: attitude and overall approach; shelter; fire building; rest; signaling; rest; water; and food. Approximately half the day is spent in the field actually practicing these elements. Also covered is: gear selection; how to best avoid problems; and what sort of rescue response you might expect, should disaster strike.

Our two-day program includes all of our one-day program elements plus expands your comfort zone by offering a night out in a survival shelter and “field cooking.” The course also includes additional tips and techniques as well as advice on how to assume a leadership role and help others in a survival situation.

Other Special Courses and Workshops

We offer a rich selection of specialized programs including:

Winter survival
Desert survival
Pilots, aircrew, or passenger survival
Search and Rescue responder survival
EMS and CERT responder survival