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Survival Programs

Our one-day program focuses upon those skills and insights that one should have regarding: attitude and overall approach; shelter; fire building; rest; signaling; rest; water; and food. Approximately half the day is spent in the field actually practicing these elements. Also covered is: gear selection; how to best avoid problems; and what sort of rescue response you might expect, should disaster strike.Our two-day program includes all of our one-day program elements plus expands your comfort zone by offering a night out in a survival shelter and “field cooking.” The course also includes additional tips and techniques as well as advice on how to assume a leadership role and help others in a survival situation.

Other Special Courses and Workshops

We offer a rich selection of specialized programs including:

  • Winter survival
  • Desert survival
  • Pilots, aircrew, or passenger survival
  • Search and Rescue responder survival
  • EMS and CERT responder survival