This program will prepare employees to survive and recover from natural and human caused disasters by giving them knowledge and skills in disaster first aid and safety as well as disaster leadership and teamwork. These tools will help enable course graduates to deal more effectively with injuries, illness and psychological reactions in environments where no professional assistance is available for extended periods of time (hours or days rather than the minutes normal in most non-disaster, urban settings in the US. today).

Course Objectives

  • To give employees a better sense for the definition of “disaster” and a realistic view of the implications of such events.
  • To give employees some motivational encouragement to return to their homes and communities and begin to prepare there as they have at their place of employment.
  • To give employees first aid knowledge and skills and additional tools useful to better respond to real life emergencies ranging from major regional disasters where professional help is not readily available to everyday, small-scale personal disasters where help is available within minutes.
  • To encourage employees to use all of their individual and group resources of knowledge, skill, creativity and imagination so that they can apply the principles and skills they have learned to deal effectively with problems that don’t have “book” solutions.
  • To reinforce what employees already know about how leadership and teamwork get jobs done that individuals would find difficult, if not impossible, to accomplish alone.
  • To help employees create and support within themselves a “can do” attitude that allows them to look into the horrible face of disaster and see the opportunities to save lives and reduce suffering through their actions.


Twenty-four hours of instruction and testing, including lecture/discussion, manual skill practice, individual and group problem solving, written test and practical exercises.

Evacuation Coordination

This 2-4 hour program is designed to be the introduction to the longer process of developing employee competency in managing evacuation of personnel from one space to another within a building and evacuation from buildings. Employees are introduced to the corporate evacuation plan as an evolving policy and procedures document and then are given the basics regarding the actual process of efficient, effective movement of people. The process is then to be followed up with drills, critique, revision of plans, retraining and more drills to refine the process. Each course is designed to work within the parameters of the client’s evacuation planning, physical plant and personnel situation.

Leadership and Team Building

Organizational needs for employee training and development in leadership and team building are met by going to greater depth on the issues of leadership and teambuilding in the context of our Disaster First Aid and Leadership training program (above). Our certified and experienced organizational development specialists integrate 40 hours of theoretical and practical sessions to develop your employees’ leadership potential and teamwork skills within your emergency preparedness/response program.