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Team Building Among the Trees®

Set in the forest or a nearby park, our enjoyable one-day program provides an outstanding team-enhancing opportunity for organizations ranging from global companies to local fire/rescue departments.

The day starts with an introduction/review of essential wilderness navigation and safety skills followed by a series of progressive team navigation trainings and challenges.

Interspersed among the land navigation segments are specific, shorter, team building hands-on problem solving exercises that meld problem solving, cooperation, and leadership in an enjoyable format.

By the end of the day, teams will have a better perspective on how to work together in order to deal more effectively with normal and novel situations, whether in a wooded setting or work environment.

In turn, individual team members will have an enhanced appreciation of how they can make a meaningful contribution to the team while realizing their own objectives.

In sum, this one-day in-the-field experience centers on enhancing communication, cooperation, and coordination. Moreover, both teams and individuals will find the day beneficial and enjoyable.
While most find our one-day program an ideal fit, other teams, organizations, and agencies seeking more will want to inquire about our two- and three-day programs.